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You know that feeling when you feel stuck? Like you just cannot leave a place fast enough because you are waiting on something...extended at doctor's office, day after day. Time lapse; such as a sun up, sun down slideshow. Click. Click. Click. The picture viewer says it all. Pictures from one day or an entire year encompassed into one little box. Storage; it holds what we feel we need...what we hold to our hearts. A dream which I thought I wanted is the dream I bought. Pricey, but yet priceless in cost. It's all but a worry here but in the end does it matter? I look out again, the wood framed plether couches sit in order. Uniforms having so many stories; firm without movement. Nowhere to go anytime soon. It's the building at the end of a parking lot; mixed with souls, emotions, hopes and fears. Its a "prison hotel", you may come to stay if chosen, but you can only stay so long.

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