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Forever Changed

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The guest speaker shook my hand as she called me a nerd and boldly said, "Do you know your sobriety date doesn't have to change?" I stepped back and glared at her, soaking in the sentence she had just spoken into my life. I blinked, smiled and nodded. In agreement, she proceeded forward and said, "so what is your date?".

Forever changed I know that April 20, 2018 is my sobriety date from alcohol and cigarettes: the two evils that continuously aided in the release of the devilish characteristics that danced around in my body until I gave them a chance to be free...a chance to be on the prowl toward the next person I may blame for my unliked human condition that I deal with daily.

It is no ones fault but my own. When you tango with the devil in the moonlight there is hardly ever a desirable outcome. There is hardly ever a chance to find freedom from what you are trying to escape. It is like being on the constant run from yourself; when you will always be with you.

Her presence created a fire inside of my soul for passion. Her words which are relatable to my experiences gave me a blanket of comfort and her heart reflected mine. Both longing to help the next drug addict, alcoholic, or lost soul who is feening for the next dose of medicine, just not knowing what might save them from themselves. So I say to everyone, it only takes one person to change your perspective, but it takes a change of heart to keep it that way.

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